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 LordInfamous's Rules of Rampage

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PostSubject: LordInfamous's Rules of Rampage   LordInfamous's Rules of Rampage I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2009 7:30 pm

Greetings to all!! My name is LordInfamous, and my goal is to write a guide for others to learn and hopefully become more successful at Bite Fight! I will provide information about all aspects of the game, and tell you what preferences are. All the information is provided in the Board section, but I have found that sometimes it is difficult to find what is sought after. First, I would briefly like to talk about the skills.
1. Force - Force is the ability to hit an enemy in battle.
2. Defense - Defense is the ability to avoid attacks by enemies
3. Dexterity - Dexterity is the ability to hurt an enemy
4. Endurance - Endurance is the recovery rate of your health points. Also, along with your level, composes your “essence” (or health points) in a Clan War
5. Charisma - Charisma is the Ability to find either an opponent through “random search” or booty on a manhunt
Also, Experience Points, is what actually raises your level. Experience Points can be aquired through manhunts, Grotto raids, Quests, Graveyard work, and from race fighting. I will cover raising level in a different chapter.
Health Points are how much life you have. Don’t worry, you will never fall to 0.
There are 2 ways to raise skills
A. Training -Training is paying gold to raise a stat. The higher the stat, the more it costs to raise. When raising stats, I have found that is is best to have stats that are “balanced.” This does not mean to try to have all your skills the same number as you get stronger. What this means is, to have the cost to upgrade all your skills as close as possible to each other. the cost to raise Defense and Charisma are the same, the cost to raise Dexterity and Endurance are the same and Force is by itself. To give you an example of balanced, here are what the costs are to raise my skills:
Force : 43,838
Defense: 43,987
Dexterity: 44,538
Endurance: 44,538
Charisma: 43,987
See how they are all within 700 gold of each other? That’s balanced.
B. Gear - You can raise your skills through the different weapons, armor, helmets, and other gear you buy. Different gear has different effects on your skills, so when you un-equip something, you will lose all the benefits of that piece of gear.
I recommend that you keep your character balanced at all times, and that you keep your character equipped with the best gear applicable to their level. Exception - I am not a big fan of weapons that subtract points, except for the Ivaceman. The Ivaceman is an excellent weapon. Also remember, that the points gear gives you leaves when you get new gear, but your base skills always stay with you. So, I , personally, am a big fan of keeping skills high, because you will never lose them. Also, what you can do is use Hellstones to give your character jaw-dropping skills, I do this, and I will cover this topic in another chapter.
Your statistics are fights, gold captured, and entire Booty
1. Booty
In Bite Fight, the High Score is the rankings according to the amount of Booty captured. Booty is Blood for Vampires and Meat for werewolves. There are 2 ways to get Booty.
A. Grotto (costs 10 gold)
When you hunt in the Grotto, the Amount of Booty captured is the same as the amount of Gold captured. Grotto raids are in 10 minute increments for Non Shadow-Lords (max. 30 min.), and 5 minute increments for Shadow Lords (max. 15 min.). The Amount of Booty captured is dependant upon the level of the raider, and the length of the raid. When you fight in the Grotto, you are actually fighting a "double" of someone within 5 spots of you +/- on the high score list. Sometimes you will fight yourself in the Grotto, but your "double" is handicapped by having a piece of equipment removed. In my experience, the longest Grotto raid is the best way to aquire large amounts of Booty. Also, you do not lose any gold if you lose a Grotto fight, and you get Experience Points whether you win or lose.
NOTE: I am actively seeking information about the different monsters that show up in the Grotto, and when they show up. If and when I get this information, I will post it under “Appendix.”
B. Manhunts (costs 10 gold)
Manhunts are done in 10 minute increments. The success of your Manhunt depends upon your Charisma Level and your Level of "Way" and "Enviroment" of your Hideout. Manhunts are the best way to aquire Booty if you are significantly weaker than the people +/- 5 spots of you on the high score list. I have found Hellstones on Manhunts, too. It is my belief that it is best to do Manhunts 10 minutes at a time. Unless you go on a 2 hour or more Manhunt, you are just as likely to get the same amount on a 10 minute Manhunt than you are a 50 or 60 minute Manhunt. Manhunts also give Experience Points. If you go on a Manhunt and your message is a paragraph with the word "lantern" in it, you didn't get anything.
Personnally, I do all my raiding in the Grotto, and if you want to capture alot of Booty, this is my recommendation. A 15 minute Grotto raid nets me around 1500 Booty and gold, whereas a 10 minute Manhunt gets me anywhere from 0 to 700 Booty and gold. Last night, a 10 minute Manhunt got me 50 Booty. A 2 hour one gets me anywhere form 300 -3000. For the time, I prefer the Grotto.
2. Gold Captured
Gold Captured is how much Gold you have Captured while fighting.
3. Fights
This refers to fighting members of the opposite race. Your win/loss record is noted.
4. Victims
This refers to how many peple have clicked on your Bite Link. Everytime someone clicks on it, you get Booty and gold. I have researched to try to find out exactly how much, but all the board says is " a little Booty and gold."

Fighting refers to attacking a member of the oppisite race. You can attack somebody +/- 9 levels of your own level. The cost is 1 gold to do this. You can either do a random hunt, or attack somebody specifically by searching their name. I have found that the random hunt has its disadvantages, so what I do is go down the High Score List, and attack people from that. The amount of gold that you win is relative to the players level you attack. If you attack someone with a higher level than yourself, your haul will be better than if you attack someone with a lower level. Of course, if they have a treasure chest active, a certain amount is protected (24 X pay per hour in the Graveyard). When you find someone to attack, you will be shown their base skills, not including their gear. I find it best to assume that the character being attacked has the best gear appropriate for their level. Also, certain aspects of someones Hideout provide defence, but I will cover that when I get to Hideout.
Bashing refers to attacking someone too much or to the point where it affects their game play. Basically, it is singleing someone out. This is frowned upon, and if reported can lead to being banned. If your opponent is under level 14, you can safely hit them 3 times in a 24 hour period (the server resets itself at 4:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time), if they are under level 40, you can safely hit them 4 times, under level 99 is 5 times, and anything above that is 6 times. Also, if you take someone to under 25 healthpoints, you (and your clanmates) must wait 2 days before attacking them again.
Try not to have any gold exposed when you attack. If you do not have a Treasure Chest, try to have as little as possible, because even if your stats are much greater than your opponent, there is a randomness factor built into Bite Fight, which means that every once in a while you will lose to an inferior opponent. What I always do, is as soon as I have enough to train, then train immediately. If you are saving up for gear, only do Manhunts or Grotto raids because you do not lose any Gold that way. When looking at the statistics of an opponent, the win/loss ratio can be somewhat misleading. I always look at “Gold lost”. I do not do random searches, I make a list and then make notes of the people I capture large amounts of gold from. I have been known to come back for more!! Another thing to take into consideration, is the clan someone you are attacking is in. If you make them very angry, they might have a more powerful clanmate come after you. My last bit of advice, may be rather obvious, but I would only attack someone I think I can beat,, or at least have a chance to beat. Don’t set yourself up for failure!!
There are several ways to get Gold on Bite Fight.
A. Grotto raids
B. Manhunts
C. Working in the Graveyard
Going to work in the Gaveyard is another way to get Gold. The advantages of getting Gold through working are there is no chance of losing Gold or Health (Actually you health increases when you are working.) Your pay depends on your Level:
Levels 1-2 Gravedigger = 40 gold/hour
Levels 3-6 Graveyard Gardener = 80 gold/hour
Levels 7-14 Corpse Preparer = 160 gold/hour
Levels 15-30 Graveyard Guard = 320 gold/hour
Levels 31-62 Employee Manager = 640 gold/hour
Levels 63-126 Tombstone Designer = 1280 gold/hour
Levels 127-254 Crypt Creator = 2560 gold/hour
Levels 255-510 Graveyard Manager 5120 gold/hour
Working also gives you Experience Points according to your payrate. Personally, I do not work in the Graveyard for that reason. If I get Experience Points, I prefer to do it by Grotto Raiding.
D. Quests
You can also get Gold and Experience Points from doing Quests. To do a Quest, go to the Tavern. There are 3 types- Easy, Medium, and Difficult. The amount of Gold and Experience Points received depends on the degree of difficulty of the Quest. Quests consist of talking to people, exploring areas, and slaying monsters in the Grotto. Once again, I, personally do not do quests. However, I have found that if you want to raise your level quickly to buy better gear, Quests are one of the fastest ways to do that.
E. Winning Gold in a Clan War
F. Winning Gold in a Fight (raiding)
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LordInfamous's Rules of Rampage
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