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 And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story

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And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story Empty
PostSubject: And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story   And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story I_icon_minitimeThu May 28, 2009 3:03 pm


We met by chance, so it seemed. I
was at a point in my life where I was wishing death would come upon my
eyes and hoping I didn't wake up in the morning, or at night all
depending on what time I actually felt like sleeping. I had no life, no family to turn to, no friends, no job; nothing. I
had nothing to do so I would wander around town begging for food,
standing by myself on the corner or sitting on the ground, then I would
sleep. Sometimes I would get lucky and find someone who would take me
to dinner, but they never took me in. I wonder why…. Was it my breath?
Was it my clothes? Did I smell bad? Was it my attitude, maybe? Regardless of why they never did, the point is that they never did. I hated my fellow humans more and more each time that happened to me. That was before I met him….
I remember correctly, which I do because I have a wonderful memory,
thank you, it was the thirteenth day of August, in the year of 1634. It was a rainy day here in Athens, Greece. I was going through my everyday routines: sitting in the market place begging for handouts. A
few generous people would give me something now and then, but most
people just walked by like they normally do. Well, day turned tonight
before I knew it. The market place had cleared out, so I decided to get
up and start walking back to the place I call home under the bridge. As
I stood up, I saw a shadow fall over me and move in an instant. I
looked up, I looked all around me but I couldn't see anything. I heard
a whoosh of air go past me. All of a sudden I
got knocked to the ground and there was a beautiful woman on top of me.
My head was bleeding, but I didn't care because I was completely
trapped in this woman's eyes. She leans in close to me and kisses me, and then as she moves to kiss my neck, someone knocks her off of me. It was a man. I thought maybe it was an angry boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend. Then
they started talking, a conversation I'll never forget and chilled me
to the bone, even if I didn't understand everything they talked about. "At it again I see, eh Celeste?"
"Always, Milnor. Why do you stop me?"
one is ours. Already we have been watching him, keeping an eye on him
day and night. We tagged him as ours since he was a child, so back off.
I've been given full permission to do whatever's necessary."
"Why so defensive of a weak human?"
A weak human, I thought to myself, what does she mean by that?
"I have no need to explain to you our reasons."
I see no reason why I shouldn't take him and drain him!" She leapt
toward me, but before she could reach me, the guy named Milnor knocked
her away. She hit the wall so hard it broke the concrete. He went up to her and held her by the throat.
"I am very prepared to kill you right now, Celeste. I
really don't think that Dante would care, do you?" She kicked him hard
and he before he fell to the ground he quickly corrected himself and
landed on his feet, with one hand on the ground holding him up. There's one thing that I was certain about these 2 individuals by this point; they weren't natural. "Fine,
if that's the way you want to play I won't hold back!" All of a sudden
he changed. He was no longer…human. He was now a wolf-man. I had heard
of these creatures…Lykens they are called. Powerful creatures, it is said they can only change when the moon is full. Strange but that night the moon wasn't. I didn't know much about these creatures so I remained confused.
"How did you…? No matter!" she said. Then she changed, or started too. Enough that I could tell what she was…a vampire. What have I gotten myself into? I remembered asking myself. She didn't change fast enough though. Before I knew it he had jumped on her and commenced chewing on her face. It was a grotesque sight to watch.
finished, changed back and walked over to me. I was frightened of him,
so I started to back up. I wanted to get up and run away but I
couldn't: I paralyzed by fear. "Please, don't be afraid my friend. I am here to help you. My name is Milnor, as you probably heard. I am a werewolf; one of the strongest. We are a very strong and very close family. We have been watching you since you were young and want you to join us. You have no other option. You will come with me and meet our father, Dante. Now come. And…forget about her. She was a vampire and wanted nothing more than to kill you. Beautiful and enticing she may have been, but you would be a dead man now if it weren't for me. Let's go."
And so we started out on our journey to the Domicile of the werewolves…. "I have questions…" I said.
"All of your questions will be answered when we get to Dante. I promise."
That was the last thing either of us said the whole trip…. I
could tell he was a very proud man by the way he walked…very powerful
and intelligent. He had a great sense of honor and respect about him.
He was someone I had only dreamed of being. Maybe this wasn't such a bad thing…maybe one day I would become someone like him. I could only hope for such a thing…. Little did I know that this is exactly the path I was about to lead.
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And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story Empty
PostSubject: Re: And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story   And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story I_icon_minitimeThu May 28, 2009 3:04 pm

Our journey was long through mountains and forest. I would ask for a break, but Milnor insisted that we didn't stop. "There
are people," he said, "that would like you and me dead right now. One,
for what I did to Celeste, and two, because of who you are."
"And who, exactly, am I supposed to be?"
"All of your questions will be answered. Let's keep moving. We aren't alone anymore. These
woods, as we get deeper and deeper, become more infested with demons
and creatures of the night." So we walked through the thick forest and
scaled the rocky mountain sides. Night changed to day and back to night, and not once did we stop long enough to rest. Looking all around me I could see the eyes of these creatures Milnor spoke of. A part of me was glad to have such a strong creature to call friend, even if I was frightened beyond understanding.
We came finally to a castle standing on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Not the biggest castle I've ever seen, but certainly the largest and most cynical I've enter. The gloom in the air was thick and made a shiver go down my spine. The
smell of blood filled the air with a nauseating aroma, and the candle
lit entrance and hallways made me think as if doom was falling upon me. Maybe it already had…. I didn't look back, though. I had nothing so why not at least hear what Dante had to say. After all, I really didn't have any other choice did I? I made eye contact with a very attractive woman. It made me wonder if all vampire and werewolf females were that attractive. Her eyes shown a brilliant green and were very enticing. I knew I would be meeting her again the moment our eyes met.
As we walked those haunted halls, all of the werewolves glared in awe and wonder. Why is a mortal man amongst all these wolves, alive? Who am I to have such a privilege? I felt ashamed and honored at the same time. We made it to Dante's lair, in the top, back of the castle. He was a very humble looking man, not like the muscular and bulky Milnor to my left, but I could see the power in his eyes. His stare was captivating. His dark blue eyes drew me in like the ocean draws sailors. If you stare long enough, I swear you can see the color in his eyes swirl around his eyes like dragons. He was a man of great respect. Not only did he receive this respect from everyone, he returned it. This is the man I want to be…I thought to myself. He was average height, about five feet, seven inches tall. He
was strong, I could tell. His shirt held tight to his body and showed
off his lean, muscular body. It was almost enough to make me jealous. Probably
the most unforgettable and most powerful thing about this man, however,
was his voice. For such an average size, well-built man, his voice
matched his standing. It was a deep, powerful voice that could command the armies of Hades himself. When he spoke, my skin crawled; the hairs on my entire body seemed to stand on end. I was sure I was in Hell. This man had to be Hades. There was no other explanation, I thought, for how powerful he was.
We walked into the room, a candle lit room, full of artifacts and statues from days of old. The room was bright with all the candles, and had the aroma of melted wax and blood. He was turned, staring out the window when we walked into the room. A giant stuffed Polar bear stared down at us as we walked through, as if ready to eat us alive. I was scared for my life, and he knew it. He laughed and said "Don't be scared, you are safe." He turned around and said "Welcome! To your new home."
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And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story Empty
PostSubject: Re: And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story   And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story I_icon_minitimeThu May 28, 2009 3:05 pm

swallowed my stomach and then found the courage somewhere to speak.
"Forgive me, I haven't properly introduced myself, this all happen so
fast I...."
"You will choose a new name, so that is irrelevant. Speak, I sense you have a lot to say," Dante interrupted.
I hesitated and looked down, now completely unsure what was going on or what to say. I figured if it were the last thing I was going to say I might as well make a big speech. I
knelt to the ground out of respect. "I have to swallow my pride.... I
have been on my own for so long now, and I'm the best at what I do....
I've gotten a big ego out of life and the way I live; nothing and no
one could stop me from doing what I do. Well I guess that's all changed now, isn't it? What a fateful encounter! A
few days ago I was nothing, no one, here to find out from this man
here," as I point to Milnor, "that I'm actually someone and you've all
been watching me some time now! For what reason I do not know, nor do I
know who I am or who you think I am. I do not know, but I have nothing so I come to you empty. I thank you humbly for your home to be called mine and if this is the last time I am to speak, then do away with me quickly."
There was silence amongst the eight that were in the room. No one said a word and I continued to kneel, face down. "Everyone, get out," Dante said. I looked up and he had his back to me, arms crossed. I stood up and started to walk out with Milnor. "Not you," he said, "I need to talk to you." So I looked at Milnor with questioning eyes. He shrugged, walked out of the room and shut the heavy door behind him.
"Sit," Dante demanded. I sat in the chair closest to his desk. I had a feeling I was about to get either the shock of my life and the best; or worst depending on who you ask, news of my life. "You and I are related, you know? Yes, you may find that hard to believe but it's true. I remember the day like it was yesterday, but that was almost thirty years ago. I was prowling the streets one night, looking for an easy target; someone to eat. I saw a woman standing under a lamp. She looked beautiful in her ivory white dress, breasts being pushed up where they were almost falling out by her corset. I
wondered why a pretty lady wearing such an outfit was out so late at
night with no one watching over her. I was about to walk over to her
when a vampire came and grabbed her. I instantly, of course, leapt and grabbed the vampire and threw him across the street. He hissed at me, I growled at him and we began to rumble. To make that long story short, I won that fight, but not without getting wounded. I thought for sure the woman was going to run away. However, when I turned around there she was in all her beauty looking at me. I changed back to a man and she came over to me as I collapsed in her arms.
"When I woke up I was in a house that was unfamiliar to me. Candle's lit the room small room we were in. She
was sowing the cut I had on my arm. There was a bowl of hot water
beside her with a sponge that she was using to wipe away the blood. She looked even more beautiful now. She
had taken off her dress and was now in her undergarments. Her corset
was still on, so with her dress off her breasts showed even more.
Lustful thoughts began to fill my mind, as you can imagine they would.
She finished sowing my arm and got up. She told me she was going to
change into her nightgown and not to look. She walked to the other side of the room and in the flicker of the candle light I could see her figure so clearly. Her naked body was as an angel's. It looked so soft, and her breasts were plump. She turned her head to the side to look back at me, as if saying 'Come here....' I got up and walked over to her and put my arms around her waist. Her
skin was so soft, it was incredible." He was clinching his fists as if
he could feel her skin, and it made him mad that he could no longer.
"Her long brown hair flowed down her back as waves of silk. I kissed her on her neck. Apparently she liked that a lot, because thing only got more wild from there. I will spare you details, but I will say that I've had many women in my lifetime but I have never had one like her. She
was a completely unique woman. It was the wildest, best love I've made
in my entire life and trust me, as I'm sure you'll find out for
yourself, when werewolf and werewolf make love, it's a wild event. I asked her why the next morning and all she said was 'Thank you.' That was the last I heard from her, at least for 9 months. I received word that a woman gave birth to a child, an unnatural child, and she said she knew me. She told me when I went to see her that the child was mine, and he was a gift of thanks to me for saving her that day. She wasn't strong enough, though, and died in my arms. With her, my heart went too. With all the power I have I couldn't save her, not this time. I looked at the baby boy, laying in linens so helpless. I took him to a friend to raise him. I told them when he was twenty to send him to me. We watched as this boy grew up; my only true son. Twenty years went by and my friends were going to tell him. Before they could though, a swarm of vampires came in and killed the husband and wife I entrusted my boy with. We watched as my boy knew rage for the first time. He
turned into the strongest werewolf I've ever seen; even stronger than
myself, and killed all five of the vampires himself without getting a
single scratch. The boy never came to me, but we kept an eye on him until the time was right. That time happened three nights ago. You and I are related, I say again, because I am your dad. I am your blood. My blood runs through your veins, and you are strong, but I brought you here because you will be stronger. You are not full breed werewolf, but if you drink some of my blood you will gain unimaginable power. It will be enough to take my spot so I can finally rest my soul knowing there is a worthy replacement for me." I didn't know what to say. All
of this was so hard to believe, but in another way it all made sense. I
had always felt like there was a power inside of me that only came out
in extreme situations. And what he said about my parents or who I
thought were my parents, I remember very clearly, but I also remember
blacking out and when I woke up there were seven dead and mangled
bodies covering the floor and hanging on the walls; blood everywhere.
"I don't know what to say...." I said.
"The only thing I want for you to do is drink some of my blood and accept your name, the name I wanted to give you as my son."
"I can do that. I mean, what else I have going for me right now.... This
is the best thing, best news; I've had for my entire life so far.
Eternal life, amazing power, wild women; how can I say no to you? My
father? Just tell me what I should be called now."
"Your name is Greer."
"Greer...I like that...."
"It means 'Defender, protector' in Celtic."
"I am honored with such a name...I will do my best to live up to such a name."
"You'll make me proud, I am sure."
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PostSubject: Re: And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story   And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 20, 2009 8:36 pm

Nice Papa! Write more!! drunken
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And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story Empty
PostSubject: Re: And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story   And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story I_icon_minitime

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And My Life Was Changed Forever: A short story
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